1. God Enslavement
    Ludwigshafen, Germany
  2. Clear Sky Nailstorm
    Bremen, Germany
  3. Sic Zone
    Cologne, Germany
  4. Buried in Black
    Hamburg, Germany
  5. Los Bastardos Finlandeses
    Helsinki, Finland
  6. Booze Bug
    Siegen, Germany
  7. Gut Absorber
    Bremen, Germany
  8. HYEMS
    Marburg, Germany
  9. Neversun
    Bremen, Germany
  10. Pandorium
    Minden, Germany
  11. Spellbound
  12. Supreme Carnage
    M√ľnster, Germany


Bret Hard Records Cologne, Germany

Indepedent Metal Label from Cologne, Germany.

Put back the balls into metal since 2007.

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